Loss of merchandise and unilateral discounts by a beverage company to a logistics operator, in an unjustified manner in a logistics operation contract.


Support in the legal strategy of a successful arbitration process for an amount exceeding nine billion pesos ($ M/cte in logistics operations.


Arbitration process in favor of the logistics operator and sentence to Multinational Brewery to reimburse nine billion pesos ($ M/cte.Recognition by the arbitration tribunal of the logistics operations contract as an atypical contract, in which the logistics operator's responsibility is of means, but not of result.

Erikson López

CEO Corporación Colombiana de Logistica S.A
Nadia and her team are highly trained in all legal issues of land transportation, insurance, laws, regulations, great leadership skills, teamwork and management. Her participation in the litigation against Bavaria S.A. was fundamental and we felt very protected with her advice.